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Under The Microscope: The key elements that make fibreglass a superior material and choice of tank

Under The Microscope: The key elements that make fibreglass a superior material and choice of tank

Under The Microscope: The Key Elements That Make Fibreglass a Superior Material and Choice of Tank

When it comes to storing volatile liquids such as liquid fertiliser, Tanks West Fibreglass FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) storage tanks are a secure and long-term alternative to conventional polyethylene tanks. Fibreglass is a world-renowned composite material known for its tensile strength, impact resistance and superior thermal qualities. 

We have been supplying our rural customers with superior liquid fertiliser storage solutions for over 20 years. Our products are designed to handle the full range of liquids (including the low ph phosphorus blends) and are equipped with fast acting, easy to use gauges and valves, which offer peace of mind and efficiency during the busy seeding and spraying seasons.

Here we’ve listed three key elements that make fibreglass tanks the smarter option when choosing liquid fertiliser storage and cartage.

  1. Superior strength and durability

We know that fertiliser is a huge investment for farms and having a secure and strong tank to carry the weight of the fertiliser is very important. We manufacture our tanks using advanced resin technology and a dense matrix of glass fibre reinforcement to ensure superior laminate strength. At 25°C a Tanks West tank is 8 times stronger than a polyethylene tank. With the high specific gravity of liquid fertiliser at SG 1.33 and the new phosphorus based fertilisers, all Tanks West Liquid fertiliser tanks are built to handle liquids with a SG up to 1.5 ensuring a generous safety margin providing effective long-term storage of your liquid fertilisers.

  1. Advanced chemical resistance 

Tanks West uses superior technology and materials to build fibreglass storage tanks that specifically have strong chemical resistance through the terephthalic resin system employed in these tanks. This advanced system ensures the tanks are equipped to handle a range of fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides, and temperatures up to 60°C. Our tanks are built to last so we make certain that our tanks are able to cater for the future of more aggressive phosphorus and NPK fertilisers. Our relationship with key liquid fertiliser suppliers ensures that we are constantly keeping up-to-date with new technologies.

  1. Fibreglass is durable and corrosion resistant 

All Tanks West fibreglass tanks are created to withstand the extreme temperatures of Australia and to resist rust and chemical corrosion. Gone are the days of storage tanks being eaten away by corrosive liquids. The resin technology we use to produce the highest-grade laminate eliminates any form of corrosion occurring. The proven ability of fibreglass to retain strength and flexibility is enhanced by the UV-resistant external gelcoat. Fibreglass tanks have great heat resistance and can withstand low-grade grass and bushfires. They may suffer from some minor aesthetic damage but it is easily repairable. The incredible durability of the tanks means that maintenance can be kept to a minimum, saving you both time and money in the long term.

Tanks West has always sought to improve processes by keeping abreast of the most advanced resin systems and new advanced technology. With factory upgrades in 2016, the new production facility provides far better-quality control with opportunities to increase levels of production. Modernising the facility’s systems has enabled us to hold our position as the premier manufacturer and market leader in our field.

Tanks West is proud to have an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification – an internationally recognized Quality Management Standard requiring qualifying companies to identify, define, document, implement, monitor, measure, and continually improve the effectiveness of its processes for the purposes of enhancing Customer Satisfaction.

To find out more about the specifications of our fibreglass liquid fertiliser tanks and which one is best for you, please visit our Liquid Fertliser Storage page.


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