Oyu Tolgoi Mongolia waste water project

Oyu Tolgoi Mongolia waste water project

Tanks West was commissioned by leading water treatment company MAK Water, to offer purpose specific waste water treatment and storage vessels for use in their sewer treatment facility destined for the world class Rio Tinto underground mining operation Oyu Tolgoi located in the Gobi Desert in Central Southern Mongolia.

Tanks West’s proven strength and reliability, offered the perfect heavy duty fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) solution for the harsh demands of one of the largest and technologically advanced underground projects currently in operation.

Following consultation with MAK Water, Tanks West sales, design, and engineering staff combined to deliver a vessel specification which utilises the Tanks West FRP vertical/cylindrical product range “fitting the bill” for the underground application intended.

A careful design process was undertaken with consideration to the high-risk application and underground environment intended for the system. Chad Southcott (Tanks West Sales Manager) noted… “Laminate design and construction methods were a contributing factor, we not only needed to make consideration for the harsh operational environment of an underground mine site, but also had to consider the transportability of the product to a site located on the opposite side of the globe”

Tanks West’s market leading product range, and manufacturing experience, teamed well with the expertise of MAK Water to develop a series of 9 vessels of differing sizes, all-purpose designed to the underground treatment project.

The tanks, theri associated handrails, access platforms and process equipment are all manufactured right here in Western Australia and prepared for their long journey over sea and land to site in Mongolia.