Cyclonic Restraint System

Cyclonic Restraint System

Cyclonic Restraint System

The North Western area of WA centered around Exmouth is subject to severe cyclonic conditions. The area between the 20th and 25th parallel is referred to as Region “D” and tanks installed in this area need to be capable of standing wind speeds in excess of 250km. 

According to the Department of Fire and Environmental Services the cyclone season starts in November and continues through to April. During this time coastal regions of WA are at risk of being impacted by cyclones (DFES). Just last month Tropical Cyclone Veronica (labeled a category four by the Bureau of Meteorology) ripped through the Pilbara armed with destructive winds and gusts of more than 200km/h along with flooding rain.

With the ongoing development of new projects, and the continued expansion of WA’s mining industry, there is a necessity for liquid storage tanks to meet the requirements of Region D, Category 2 cyclonic wind loadings as detailed in AS1170 and Tanks West has the answer. 

In conjunction with Deacon Engineers, Tanks West developed a cyclonic restraint system using a heavy galvanised steel band around the centre of their sturdy fibre reinforced tanks. (Figure 1)

After due process of FEA analysis on the tank material, applied testing and engineering calculations, certification was approved.  The circumferential band, fitted with clevis plates for attaching to the uprights, is pre-installed during manufacture, minimizing onsite work.  The high tensile strength of Tanks West tanks and their integrated roofs makes this type of restraint feasible, practical and cost efficient. 

Verified for Tanks West storage tanks from 4.5 to 65 cubic metres, the Tanks West restraint design also eliminates the need for angled guy wires as used on polyethylene tanks, which could form tripping hazards for workers and possibly limit piping access to vessels.   

Tanks West has employed the cyclonic restraint system along with advanced manufacturing technology to make our fibreglass tanks ideal for the harsh environments of the Gascoyne and Pilbara regions of WA. Along with being resistant to elemental forces, our fibreglass tanks are non-corrosive and the external UV-resistant gelcoat increases its heat resistance properties.  (Figure 2)

Tanks West is the largest Manufacturer of fibreglass storage tanks in WA and is well positioned to service the mining industry.  They understand the logistical and environmental challenges faced by operators in WA and are devoted to providing the best value solutions for liquid storage and handling. 

Our projects have included reverse osmosis tanks at Rio Tinto’s Newman operation; water tanks for in-pit facilities in Tom Price; FMR process tanks at Frog’s Leg gold mine in Kalgoorlie; safety shower tanks at the Jabiru base metal project in Leonora; process tanks at Newmont’s Tanami operations; and facilities at Karratha LNG and Pluto LNG.

The Tanks West technical team has over 25 years of experience building and designing tanks for the West Australian environment. CLICK HERE to find out more about our Cyclone Certified Tanks or speak to us today, call 1800 812 677 or email to find out what tank solutions we can achieve for your project needs.