Another clever Tanks West Solution…Offering performance, efficiency and long term solutions to real and current issues facing our ever growing bush fire prone communities.

May 2020, Tanks West was approached by the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) with a requirement to find an efficient and effective solution for the production and storage of “PhosChek”, a liquified fire retardant.

To mitigate the progress of a bush fire, ‘PhosChek’ is applied to retard the combustibility or allow a slow burn out of the bush or grass lands ahead. Used by the Dept of Parks and Wildlife and DFES, the premixed liquid is deposited before the fire front by use of fixed wing aircrafts in an attempt to generate a fire retainment line.

The departments pre-existing storage facility was limited with a lower usable volume and limited to nil re-batching capability and thus not meeting up with current demands. With this in mind and Tanks West’s history of high energy mixing and liquid blending tanks, a self-bunded, high energy blending and batching storage tank design was developed. This vessel was specifically designed around optimising the reliable supply of fire-retardant liquid to the aircraft on the tarmac at Jandakot airport.

The tank and bund were constructed using a heavy-duty reinforced chemical resistant laminate. This consisted of an internal (storage / mixing) tank constructed inside a larger heavy-duty bund (external tank). The 34,000L internal
storage tank has a design volume of 30kl, with fast delivery and refill fittings to limit ‘turn around times’ and get bombers airborne with a minimum of fuss and time delay.

Batch mixing of the retardant liquid is easily handled with maximum efficiency by utilizing a 415v vertically mounted open prop mixer. This allows whole batches and tank volume replenishing to be achieved within minutes.

Tanks West prides itself on its considered approach to finding specific solutions to the storage and or mixing tank requirements of individual clients and their installations.