Industrial Fittings

Below is a small example of fittings available – fittings for Mining, Industrial, Chemical and Custom-Made tanks vary considering the application and liquid being stored. Tanks West can assist to determine your tank’s specific fitting requirements.

Heavy duty, chemical grade fittings in sizes up to 800mm in a variety of materials (FRP, brass, stainless and polypropylene) can be installed using threaded or flanged connections to suit your requirements.

For more information, Email us your project details and we will contact you to discuss further.

Industrial hi Flo Float Valves (Bermad)

Large Butterfly Valves

FRP Flanges

FRP Manways

Radar / Ultrasonic Probes

Platforms and Ladders

Mechanical Level Indicators

Mechanical Mixers

Atmospheric Vents

Platforms and Ladders

Stainless Steel Fittings

Large Brass Outlets

Stainless Steel Access Hatches

Sight Glass

GF Ball Valves / Non Return Valves

Certified Lift Points

Water and diesel heavy duty hose reel

Hose Reel Kits

Flow Meters

Camlock Couplings

Fire Service Couplings

Vortex Inhibitor