Diesel Tanks

Tanks West’s Diesel Tanks are ideally suited for industrial and agricultural use. Designed and manufactured to requirement, the tanks and fittings comply with the applicable Australian Standard.

Fibreglass is a world-renowned composite material known for its tensile strength, impact resistance and superior thermal qualities. It is a material used extensively in a wide variety of industrial applications and it is proven in providing the best option for volatile liquids.

Tanks West gives you secure, long-term storage and safe handling of all your liquids, we guarantee it!

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will advise the best options for your needs.

Tested and certified to Australian standards with a 5 year warranty on the storage tank and a 12 month warranty on the pump kit. This is the ideal solution for your diesel storage and dispensing needs.


Tanks West - 10,000L-Diesel-Tank_PIUSI-Pump-open


Effective Vol (L) Height (m) Diameter (m) Price (excl GST) Price (inc GST)
10,000 1.80 2.90 $8,630 $9,493

Price includes Free Delivery within 800km of the Canning Vale factory. Other sizes available on request.

Tanks West Diesel Storage Tanks include:

• 12v or 240V PIUSI Diesel pump kit with flow meter sealed within steel cabinet with flow rates of 90lpm
• 7.5m delivery hose with auto shut nozzle
• 2” Fill line with non-return valve, isolation valve and internal anti-static dropper
• 40mm Lockable drain valve
• 2” Atmospheric roof vent with ingress protection
• Fully sealed roof to prevent water ingress
• Volume level sight tube with isolation valve
• 3” Overflow port with ingress protection and vermin proof screen
• Earthing cable for static protection