Cartage Tanks…Baffled or Not?

Cartage Tanks…Baffled or Not?

The splashing and rolling of liquid in a cartage tank could lead to dangerous conditions for both driver and other road users. Stopping and starting and taking corners causes water and other liquids to surge within the tank making control of the vehicle unpredictable for the driver.

Tanks West’s FRP cartage tanks are fully baffled with fully fixed internal baffling minimising liquid surge while in motion. The internal baffle system is integrated into the cartage tank at time of manufacture so there are no hidden costs or time wasted putting together a baffle system on-site.

This means once your tank is delivered, it’s ready for work!

On the other hand, a poly cartage tank cannot be fully baffled but baffle balls can be added for reduction of fluid movement. Baffle Balls will also add an additional cost on top of the tank price and the addition of the baffle balls will also reduce the liquid holding volume of the tank. The amount of Baffle Balls will depend on the size. ie. one small baffle ball (195mm) is required per 7 litres of tank capacity, or 1 large (355mm) per 40 litres.

As an example, for a 12,000L cartage tank you would require approximately 300 large baffle balls at around $10 each.

The baffle balls are supplied in two halves and need to be clipped together prior to putting through the lid into the tank and can have a tendency to unclip if the tank is filled too quickly. If a variety of liquids are being used in the cartage tank then the baffle balls can be difficult to clean when changing over.

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