Are You Fire Ready?

Bushfires are unpredictable and happen every year, to survive a bushfire you must be prepared – take 5 minutes and check out DFES Fire Chat

Preparation is an integral aspect of any fire safety program, and the provision of accessible water close to your property is vital. DFES advise “if you plan to stay and actively defend your home during a bushfire, you will need an independent water supply of at least 20,000 litres, a generator and pressure pump.”


Your independent water supply should be placed within easy access for an emergency situation, the pump should be engine driven by fuel and not reliant on electricity, and an adequate hose should be connected to the pump. It is most likely you will lose water and power supplies during a bushfire.

At all times the warnings and instructions from the official fire authorities should be adhered to in an emergency situation.

Tanks West large capacity water storage tanks range from 25,000 litres to 60,000 litres and can be modified to suit specific fire-fighting requirements. Fast fill points combined with high flow pumps, camlock connectors and level gauges can be fitted to our tanks to meet Brigade regulations. Brass, galvanised steel and copper fittings, suitable for exposure to excessive heat, are also available.

Are You Fire Ready?

Tanks West cartage tanks are useful for firefighting, being designed to facilitate quick and easy access. The sump and anti-vortex device allow the tank to be emptied quickly and completely. Fully baffled, the design limits liquid surge while in motion. With high volume pumps and hose reels attached, these tanks are ideal for bush fire brigades.

Are You Fire Ready? Tanks West tanks are heat-resistant and can withstand low-grade grass and brush fires, giving you the assurance of performance when it counts. Fire damage to a Tanks West tank following a low-grade fire is typically aesthetic rather than structural, involving blackening or blistering of the gelcoat.å

A Tanks West fibreglass tank after a bush fire, barely damaged and still functional, compared with a competitors tank, which was destroyed.