Water Storage


Tanks West has a proud history of providing West Australians with a permanent alternative for all their water storage needs.

Using the most up-to-date and innovative technology available, Tanks West manufacture a range of Fibreglass FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) water tanks for domestic and agricultural purposes.

All Tanks West water storage tanks are compliant with the Australian Standard AS4020 for potable (drinking) water – your assurance that the rainwater you harvest is stored in a clean, hygienic and taint free environment.


Water Storage Tanks

SIZE (Litres) SIZE (Gallons) Diameter (M) Height (M) Price Inc GST
65,000 14,300 4.88 3.84 $17,028*
60,000 13,200 4.88 3.40 $10,802
50,000 11,000 4.88 2.84 $8,349
45,000 10,000 4.88 2.40 $7,249
34,000 7,500 4.35 2.44 $5,852
25,000 5,600 3.70 2.44 $4,323
15,700 3,500 2.95 2.44 $3,344
12,300 2,750 2.90 1.80 $3,014
9,900 2,200 2.50 2.20 $2,662
8,000 1,800 2.95 1.25 $2,541
5,000 1,100 1.83 2.13 $1,947
4,500 Tall 1,000 Tall 1.86 1.86 $1,815
4,500 Squat 1,000 Squat 2.29 1.17 $1,815
2,900 650 1.83 1.20 $1,463
2,200 500 1.40 1.90 $1,331
1,800 400 1.30 1.45 $1,265
450 100 0.86 0.90 $1,012

*Tank requires escort vehicle/s – additional cost for delivery P.O.A.

Slimline Storage Tanks

SIZE (Litres) SIZE (Gallons) Height (M) Width (M) Length (M) Price Inc GST
1,200 250 0.92 0.87 1.78 $1,265
450 100 0.76 0.70 1.35 $1,023

Price includes: Brass Outlet with Ball Valve up to 50mm, Leaf Strainer and Overflow. All fittings are installed by our trained drivers on delivery.

Note: Screw top lid and additional fittings available on request at an added cost (it is important that these are requested at time of order).


Easy to install and ready to use

Ground installation requires minimal preparation; the tanks can be situated on any smooth level site. In addition, the tanks are suitable for mounting onto tank stands. Our tanks will not rust or corrode and post curing means they are ready for immediate use.

Moulded for Strength and Flexibility

Tanks West water storage tanks are made from moulded halves joined internally at the centre to provide additional hoop strength. Lightweight but strong, they are designed with a combination of strength and long life, back by a 20year manufacturers guarantee.

Heat Resistant

Fibreglass tanks have a good heat resistance and can withstand low-grade grass and brushfires. They may however suffer some blackening and blistering of the gelcoat but this is generally aesthetic but may not damage the structure of the tank.

Cool, Hygienic, Taste-Free Water

Tanks West water storage tanks are specifically manufactured for hygienically storing drinking water, our uniquely formulated materials give a smooth, taint free and algae resistant surface inside the tank, complying with the Australian Standard AS4020 for potable (drinking) water.

Durability and Good Looks

The proven ability of FRP to retain strength and flexibility is enhanced by the UV-resistant external gelcoat. Available in a choice of colours to blend with the environment. Standard colours – Mist Green, Hawaiian Cream & White.