The Super 60 – A New Era in Efficient Farming.

The largest storage tank in our range of liquid fertiliser products is the “Super 60” This massive tank has a capacity of 60,000 litres or 80 tonnes manufactured from FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) using new mechanised construction techniques in composite engineering.

The Super 60 is a heavy duty, rugged tank with a superior chemical resistance together with impact resistance and tensile strength. It can handle liquids as heavy as 1.5kg/litre, providing a generous safety margin when storing liquid fertiliser which weighs 1.33kg/litre.

The Super 60 Efficiency Factor

This super large volume capacity tank of 60,000 litres has immense benefits for storing on farm Liquid Fertiliser.

Having the Super 60 on your property as a single large capacity storage and filling station (full capacity 80 tonnes / 60,000 litres) improves efficiency by allowing a full load refill whilst still having approximately 20,000 litres in your tank. This allows you to continue uninterrupted with your program avoiding wasteful and unproductive downtime during the busy cropping and spraying season. you can avoid wasteful and unproductive downtime when ordering a refill.

The Super 60 tank gives you the flexibility of continued usage and reduces the amount of interconnecting pipe work when establishing multiple tank installations, saving you time and money hence the Super Efficiency Factor.


Volume (Litres)Volume (Tonnes)Height (m)Diameter (m)
60,000 (Super 60)803.404.88

The Following Fittings Are Standard On A Tanks West Super 60 Liquid Fertiliser Storage tank:

  • Option of 2” (50mm) or 3” (80mm) suction outlet – stainless steel ball valve with camlock connection and dust cap.
  • Tank mounted mechanical level indication gauge (Liquidator)
  • Safety Access Hatch
  • 6 x Stainless Steel Tie Downs