Delivering a time proven product, backed by a market leading 15 year guarantee. Tanks West is WA’s leading FRP manufacturer and supplier of liquid fertiliser storage tanks in Western Australia.
Fibreglass is a world renowned composite material known for its tensile strength, impact resistance and superior thermal qualities. It is a material used extensively in a wide variety of industrial applications and it is proven in providing the best option for volatile liquid such as liquid fertiliser. Tanks West gives you secure, long-term storage and safe handling of your liquids, we guarantee it!

Proven In the Field
The continuing growth in the use of liquid fertilisers has seen an increase in demand for on farm storage facilities. Tanks West has been supplying their rural customers with liquid fertiliser storage solutions for over a decade. The products are designed to handle the full range of liquids (including the low ph phosphorus blends) and equipped with fast acting, easy to use gauges and valves, these storage tanks give peace of mind and efficiency during the busy seeding and spraying seasons.

Relationships with Key Suppliers
Tanks West is widely recognised as a selected preferred supplier of Liquid Fertiliser storage by all major liquid fertiliser suppliers. All Tanks West Liquid Fertiliser Storage tanks have certification for all blends of Liquid Fertiliser.

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Volume (L)Volume (Tonnes)Height (m)Diameter (m)Price (inc GST)


Prices include:

  • 3” (80mm) HDPE Infill line with stainless steel non-return valve, camlock & dust cap & 1” (25mm) drain valve.
  • 2” (50mm) Suction Outlet – Stainless Steel Ball Isolation valve with camlock connection & dust cap on the 23,000L and 43,000L (3″ available at additional cost).
  • 2” (50mm) or 3” (80mm) Suction Outlet – Stainless Steel Ball Isolation valve with camlock connection & dust cap on the 50,000L and 60,000L.
  • Tank Mounted level indication gauge (Liquidator), Safety Access Hatch, 4 Stainless Steel tie downs on the 23 000L, 43 000L, 50 000L and 6 Stainless Steel tie downs 60 000L.



The Material Advantages of Fibreglass Vs Polyethylene Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks

*The above comparison of engineering properties is based on published data relating to the common grades of fibreglass and polyethylene used in tank manufacture.

For additional information, please email your requirements and we will contact you to discuss futher.

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