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After Harvest Terms

Tanks West - Liquid Fertiliser - Storage Tanks - After Harvest Terms
Tanks West is offering “After Harvest Terms” on their range of Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks.

Buy now, take delivery, pay January 2020*

Call 9456 0677 today and speak to Chad or Ryan to discuss your specific requirements and the conditions* applied to this offer, or email

Place your order today to ensure you have your storage requirements in place and ready. Tanks West’s liquid fertiliser storage tanks are available in 23,000, 43,000, 50,000 and 60,000 litres and all come with 15-year manufacturers guarantee.

The 60,000 litre storage tank has an efficiency factory allowing growers to refill and take delivery without the need to run the tank empty, you can have approximately 20,000 litres of liquid fertiliser operating in the tank and still take a full load refill. Similar can be said for the 50,000 litre tank. All liquid fertiliser storage tanks include free delivery within 700kms of Perth.

A Tanks West FRP Tank is stronger, stiffer and harder than a polyethylene tank. It also offers less tensile creep and less thermal conductivity, ultimately a Tanks West FRP Tank will last longer than a polyethylene tank.

To accompany our storage tanks Tanks West offers growers a large choice in liquid fertiliser cartage ranging from 4,300 to 15,000 litres.