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Water Transport - Water Transport Original Range

Water Transport Tanks Original Range

Water Transport Tank

Transport tank secured to truck

Water transporter fitted with road watering equipment

Award Winning Tanks

Tanks West has a high reputation for designing and producing top quality products at a competitive price.

The award winning transporter tank with it's revolutionary baffle system is no exception. The baffle floats just below the water level and has a dampening or shock absorbent effect on the water stopping it surging when the vehicle corners or brakes.

Surge is limited sideways as well as down the full length of the tank, making water carting safer.

Ideal for water carting tanks,
fire fighting equipment and boomsprays.


Floating Baffle
A revolutionary floating baffle designed to limit sideways and lengthways surge. The baffle is an award winning feature of our transporter tank insuring safety and reliability.

Full Drainage
Sump allows quick and complete drainage.

Stainless Steel Ladders
An added feature on the 10,000 litre model, the stainless steel ladders at either end provide the tie down points for truck mounting. These ladders also provide access to the inspection hatches and serve as lifting points as well as being additional impact bumpers when the tank is mounted inside a tipping body.

Impact Protect Strip
Extra protection is added through the installation of a strip of gunwhale rubber around the centre of the tank. This is especially useful where tanks are to be installed inside the tipping body of a truck.

Dual Access Hatch
Hatches with screw on lids for easy access are provided at both ends.

Choice of Outlet Size
50mm to 100mm brass outlets are made available. This is inclusive of a gate valve.

Full length Legs
Ensures quick and efficient loading and unloading.

Transport tank with baffle

Transport tank showing revolutionary baffle system

Transporter tanks can be fitted with a variety of specialised
fittings, to suit your purpose including high volume pumps,
hose reels, fan jets, dribble bars, electric or air operated valves, etc.

Dimensions and Specifications

Transport Tanks
Size (Gallons) Size (Litres) Height (Meters) Width (Metres) Length (Metres)
1600 7000 1.76 2.27 2.46
2225 10000 1.76 2.27 3.73
2800 12500 1.76 2.27 4.75