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Liquid Fertiliser - Cartage

Liquid Fertilizer Cartage

Cartage Tank

Cartage Tanks Include:

  • Side mounted access hatch with filter basket
  • Quality banjo 50mm ball valve with integrated camlock connector
  • Internal moulded baffles to limit surge
  • Heavy central bumper rib for protection.

Quality Cartage Tanks for Liquid Fertilizer

Get liquids to your machines the cheap, fast, effective way with a Poly Cart tank.

The Tanks West Poly cartage tank has a range of unique features designed to aid and improve your spraying regime. The low profile of this tank makes it ideal for mounting on a truck, boomspray or air seeder. Designed for heavy liquids the tank features a side access hatch and moulded in surge baffles making it ideal for Flexi-N and the full range of liquid fertilizers.

Optional accessories include an internal agitation bar, top mounted flush out, camlock inlet and bridle straps for fixing down to your truck tray.

The tanks are available without legs for chassis or cart mounting.

Cartage diagram

Click the image to view larger size

Dimensions and Specifications

Cartage Tanks
Volume (l) Width (m) Height (m) Length (m)
5200 (bare) 1.80 1.34 3.20
5200 (with legs) 1.80 1.40 3.20
3400 (bare) 1.80 1.26 2.37
3400 (with legs) 1.80 1.32 2.37