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Rural Products - Aquaculture


A quality product giving you a permanent solution to all your
Aquaculture needs.


aquaculture tanks


 Aquaculture Installation





The Right Material Produces the Best Results

Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) provides the ideal environment for your Breeding and grow-out stock. Hard and impact resistant, reinforced polyesters have become the material of choice for those serious about Aquaculture.

All materials used in the Aquaculture range complies with the Australian Standards for “materials in contact with drinking water” (AS4020), and offer low thermal conductivity. Stable temperatures and a smooth internal surface results in low bacterial levels and allows for a hygienically clean and stress free environment ensuring faster grow out rates.

Long Life UV Resistant & Non-Corrosive

The proven ability of fibreglass materials to perform in salt and fresh water environments, combined with long term UV resistance provides a robust tank that will last and last.

Strong Moulded Construction

Ensuring your marine life has a healthy clean environment is fundamental with aquaculture, our robust moulded tanks with generously rounded corners provides a smooth easy to clean structure, with no built in stress points.

Easy Installation

Light weight yet strong, these tanks are easily installed on any flat surface as the pipe work is contained within the structure of the tank and coned floors are protected by a flat outer base.


Choosing the Right Tank is Important

rectangle tanks   Rectangular tanks for Marron, Yabbies, Lobster, etc. Suitable for purging, crate storage, low temperature holding tanks and wherever easy access and a space saving design is required.
grow-out tanks   Large volume circular grow out Tanks, for Barramundi, Black Bream, Silver Perch and all closed system recirculating applications.
low profile tanks   Low Profile conical floored tanks with central drain, ideal for Trout and open systems where gravitational flow is used.
specialised tanks   Specialised tanks, custom designed to suit your specific purpose. Raceways, insulated tanks, low profile finishing tanks, bio-filters and many more.


A range of PVC, polypropylene, brass and stainless steel fittings are available.
Client requirements should be specified at the time of order placement.